7 Of The Best Motorbike Routes In Vietnam

Vietnam boasts exceptional motorbike routes in Vietnam that rank among the finest worldwide. Throughout my tenure managing this website, numerous passionate motorcycling enthusiasts, who have explored various countries extensively, have reached out to express that, aside from specific regions like northern India, Nepal, and parts of Andean South America, Vietnam stands out for its remarkable riding roads. As someone fortunate enough to have traveled to over 40 nations, the roads in Vietnam consistently leave me in awe.

While Let’s Discover Vietnam cannot assert that we have traversed every road in Vietnam, and acknowledging that this compilation remains inherently subjective, we have dedicated the majority of the past decade to journeying approximately 200,000 kilometers throughout the country. My travels have encompassed every province, as we relentlessly sought captivating landscapes, uncharted routes, intriguing destinations, delectable cuisine, and captivating encounters with the locals. Drawing upon this wealth of experience, we present a compilation of what we believe to be some of the most extraordinary motorbike routes in Vietnam.

7 Of The Best Motorbike Routes In Vietnam – Let’s Discover Vietnam

1. NATIONAL HIGHWAY QL 3 – Motorbike Routes in Vietnam

  • Route: Cao Bang to Na Phac
  • Distance: 80km
  • Province: Cao Bang & Bac Kan
  • Scenery: endless mountains & dense forest cover
  • Road conditions: good two-lane asphalt road, light traffic, occasional landslides
  • Best time of year: March to October

Experience the thrill of captivating motorbike routes in Vietnam as you traverse the mesmerizing mountains of the northeast. Spanning 80 kilometers, the National Highway QL3 between Cao Bang and Na Phac unveils an exhilarating journey on an impeccably paved road through one of the country’s most sparsely populated regions.

From the moment you depart Cao Bang, there’s scarcely a kilometer of straight road for the next 2-3 hours, as the path winds its way across endless mountains draped in dense forest. It comes as no surprise that this area has long served as a refuge for rebels, revolutionaries, and outlaws throughout the centuries. (This remarkable motorbike route is a notable inclusion in the Northeast Loop guide).

2. NATIONAL HIGHWAY QL4H – Motorbike Routes in Vietnam

  • Route: Cha Cang to Muong Nhe
  • Distance: 80km
  • Province: Dien Bien
  • Scenery: high, treeless mountains, cultivated valleys, minority villages
  • Road conditions: excellent two-lane asphalt road, no traffic, occasional landslides
  • Best time of year: May to October

Embark on extraordinary motorbike routes in Vietnam as you venture into the depths of the remote and mysterious northwest. National Highway QL4H, a winding strip of flawless asphalt, awaits your arrival, offering a virtually traffic-free passage through this captivating region. Cascading over majestic mountain ranges and tracing the contours of picturesque river valleys, this road, situated near the Lao border, provides a seamless and liberating riding experience within a vast and awe-inspiring landscape.

Yet, the scarcity of vehicles traversing this route is not coincidental. Due to its remote location and sensitive political nature, few dare to venture here. If you dare to ride QL4H, exercise caution, as the authorities may deny passage at any time, especially if you attempt to venture beyond Muong Nhe. (This exceptional motorbike route is featured in the Extreme Northwest Loop guide).

3. PROVINCIAL ROAD DT520 – Motorbike Routes in Vietnam

  • Route: Quan Hoa to Muong Lat
  • Distance: 95km
  • Province: Thanh Hoa
  • Scenery: remote mountains & forest, ethnic minority villages, cultivated river valleys
  • Road conditions: good two-lane asphalt road, light traffic, occasional landslides
  • Best time of year: April to October

Immerse yourself in exhilarating motorbike routes in Vietnam as you traverse the enchanting landscapes of northwestern Thanh Hoa Province along Provincial Road DT520. Recently renovated, this road meanders through dense forests and plunging valleys, offering a captivating journey rarely explored by foreign visitors. Serving as a conduit for cross-border trade with Laos, DT520 exemplifies the infrastructure developed to facilitate economic exchange.

However, in this remote and forested region, commercial activities proceed at a leisurely pace, resulting in scarce truck traffic. As you navigate the multiple mountains passes connecting Quan Hoa with Muong Lat, the thrill of the ride is enhanced by the absence of congestion. (This remarkable motorbike route is a prominent feature in the Limestone Loop guide.)

4. NATIONAL HIGHWAY QL55/55B – Motorbike Routes in Vietnam

  • Route: Lagi to Bao Loc
  • Distance: 140km
  • Province: Binh Thuan & Lam Dong
  • Scenery: arid lowlands, wooded midlands, agricultural highlands, coffee farms, rivers
  • Road conditions: excellent two-lane asphalt road, light traffic
  • Best time of year: December to April

Embark on captivating motorbike routes in Vietnam as you journey from the sun-drenched, arid beaches of the south coast to the refreshing, coffee-scented heights of the Central Highlands along National Highway QL55/55B. This seldom-traveled, yet impeccably maintained thoroughfare traverses contrasting climate zones and breathtaking landscapes.

Meandering through desolate, scorched plains, ascending into lush river valleys and chilly tea plantations nestled on mountainsides, this route unveils 140 kilometers of smooth, serpentine road that remains blissfully devoid of traffic for most of its length. Prepare to be enthralled by the ever-changing scenery as you navigate this remarkable path. (This outstanding motorbike route is prominently featured in the Binh Thuan Back-Roads guide.)

5. WESTERN HO CHI MINH ROAD (QL15) – Motorbike Routes in Vietnam

  • Route: Khe Sanh to Khe Gat
  • Distance: 240km
  • Province: Quang Tri & Quang Binh
  • Scenery: extensive jungle, limestone mountains, caves, blue rivers, remote villages
  • Road conditions: good single-lane concrete road, no traffic
  • Best time of year: April to September

Indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of Vietnam’s landscape as you embark on a remarkable motorbike route along the Western Ho Chi Minh Road. Spanning a distance of 240 kilometers, this route captivates riders with its breathtaking scenery. While it consists of a single-lane road composed of expansive concrete slabs, the absence of substantial traffic elevates the riding experience to sheer enjoyment.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as you navigate countless twists and turns, encounter picturesque passes and plateaus, and witness an ever-changing panorama of astonishing natural beauty that seems straight out of a fairytale. Prepare to be enchanted by this remarkable ride that lives up to its well-deserved acclaim. (This exceptional motorbike route is a prominent feature in the Ho Chi Minh Road guide.)

6. THE HAI VAN PASS – Motorbike Routes in Vietnam

  • Route: Cu De River to Lang Co
  • Distance: 25km
  • Province: Danang & Thua Thien Hue
  • Scenery: stunning coastal views, beaches, coves, lush mountains, city skylines
  • Road conditions: good two-lane tarmac road, light traffic
  • Best time of year: April to September

Embark on legendary motorbike routes in Vietnam as you traverse the renowned Hai Van Pass, a captivating road that winds along the mountainous spine of the Annamite Range, where it meets the glistening sea between Danang and Hue in central Vietnam. With a rich history as a natural boundary between kingdoms and cultures, the Hai Van Pass gained global recognition in 2008 when it was featured in the BBC’s Top Gear Vietnam Special.

The presenters’ awe-struck reaction to the breathtaking beauty of this scenic route and the sheer joy of navigating its deserted hairpin bends inspired a generation of travelers to follow in their footsteps. Despite its relatively short distance, the Hai Van Pass offers panoramic vistas of the ocean and mountains. At the same time, the majority of heavy traffic is diverted through a tunnel, leaving the pass pleasantly serene. The wide and smooth looping switchbacks, for which the pass is renowned, invite riders to lean in and relish every corner, enhancing the exhilarating experience. (This remarkable motorbike route is extensively described in my Hai Van Pass guide.)

7. THE MA PI LENG PASS (QL4C) – Motorbike Routes in Vietnam

  • Route: Dong Van to Meo Vac
  • Distance: 20km
  • Province: Ha Giang
  • Scenery: stunning limestone landscape of peaks & troughs, steep river valleys & gorges
  • Road conditions: reasonably good one-lane tarmac road, very light traffic
  • Best time of year: March to October

Embark on awe-inspiring motorbike routes in Vietnam as you traverse the Ma Pi Leng Pass, famously known as the Road of Happiness. Situated in the northernmost province of the country, adjacent to China, this pass contends for the title of the most spectacular road in Vietnam. The breathtaking stretch between Dong Van and Meo Vac, two bustling market towns, clings to the edges of a steep valley, offering mesmerizing views hundreds of feet above the Nho Que River. Towering limestone pinnacles dominate the landscape, casting elongated shadows across the hauntingly beautiful, almost otherworldly terrain. The road weaves and winds like a tangled thread, unfolding its mesmerizing path across the scenery.

While the sheer beauty of this road is undeniable, it is essential to note its narrowness and potential hazards. Thankfully, the traffic remains relatively light, but with the increasing popularity of the region (Ha Giang Province), the number of motorbikes and vehicles is on the rise. Speed is not the focus here; instead, the soaring switchbacks and mythical scenery create a sensation akin to flying, even at a modest speed of 30 kilometers per hour. No compilation of Vietnam’s great roads would be complete without including the Ma Pi Leng Pass. (This extraordinary motorbike route is prominently featured in the Extreme North Loop guide).

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